Railroad Photos

Interesting Photos at Schoolcraft, MI

The Upjohn Spur in Portage, MI

A Visit to some London Termini in 1973

A Visit to Sault Ste Marie in 1990

The White Creek Railroad in 2007

A Visit to the Lake Superior and Ishpeming (LS&I) in August 1991

Excursions in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in 1992

A Day in Battle Creek - 1996

Travels in the Upper Peninsula
of Michigan in 1993

The Kalamazoo Rail Scene
in August 1993

Ribbon Rail Being Laid at
Kalamazoo in September 1987

A Trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in 1996

WC Start Up at Trout Lake and
Newberry in September 1988

Mendon in 1978 and 1980

First day on the Kalamazoo, Lake Shore and Chicago Railroad in November 1987

Steam in the Upper Peninsula
 in October 1985

Chessie at Manistee in September 1988

A Trip to Hamilton

Track Charts of the Kalamazoo Area

Tuscola and Saginaw Bay
Railroad Pages

Video of SP 4449 in the Kalamazoo Downtown area - July 2009

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